Emission Reduction for the project  Bashkia Shkoder, in Vau i Dejës, Bushat Biomass Plant  (organic waste and sludge)

In this sheet it is shown the calculate of the emission reduction for the creditician period. This is based on the methodology of the UNFCCC. is an example for calculation

 Emission Reductions 202120222023
Emission factor (tCO2/MWh)0,68260,68260,6826
Annual generation (MWh)12.40012.40012.400
Emission reductions (tCO2)8.4648.4648.464
Total emission reduction (tCO2)

Project Information

Total Power Capacity (MW) 4 MW
Biomass plant 1
Equivalent hours 3.100 Hours/year
Capacity factor 35,39%
Generation 12.400 MWh / year
Project duration (years) 20 year
Scrap value  €          8.000,00 €/Biomass plant