*ERE Priceyear 2019
HUPX €                              50,36
ALL/EUR  BANK OF ALBANIA                     127,58 Lekë
 ALL /Mw (HUPX*1,3*ALL/EUR  BANK OF ALBANIA*)                       8.352 Lekë
Euro/Mw (excange rate at 9/12/2020) €                              67,14

Annual purchase price (ALL/kWh) = Average annual price of the day ahead market (HUPX/DAM) for electricity in the base load for the respective year of the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX) in EURcent/kWh X bonus on the promotion of renewable resources on 1.3 X average exchange rate EUR/ALL for the last year.

CER Price (EUR/CER)° linkhttps://www.investing.com/commodities/carbon-emissions-historical-data 
Link for  calculate Emission factor (tCO2/MWh)https://www.ere.gov.al/mat.php?idr=283&idm=635&lang=1